Elevator Machine Room Sign


Elevator Machine Room Signs are Durable, and Customisable

It is helpful to make it easy for people to locate offices and departments inside your firm. Use these elevator equipment room signs to mark the machine room for efficiency and organisation. Our signs offer a quality solution for every person accessing your establishment with minimal supervision and help in locating the relevant rooms.

We use a 1.2 mm thick, corrosion, and weather-resistant aluminium sheet to make the room name signs durable and long-lasting. The material's resilience allows you to place the signage inside or outside your business to identify spaces.

We use a 600 DPI resolution to produce clear visuals that people can see even from a distance. Full-colour printing produces sharp and colourful prints that draw attention to the office room signs, while UV printing allows us to create graphics that are resistant to fading.

Using the modification options, customise the elevator machine room signs to meet your requirements. Choose a size and add any special instructions to ensure the signage complements your decor.

Order Ready-to-Use Room Name Signs in Bulk for Discounts

The room name signs have a wording that designates the elevator machine room for safety, security, and efficiency purposes. We pre-design the signs so that you may put them to use straight away without having to spend time and effort designing them.

Order office room signs in bulk based on your budget to meet your company's needs. We provide discounts for orders of 2 to over 500 units, allowing you to get the signage you need to make your facility efficient and organised.

Elevator Machine Room Signs are Easy to Install

With 5 to 7 mm diameter mounting holes in each corner, the elevator equipment room signs are easy to post on walls and doors. A 1-inch radius on the corners avoids sharp edges and allows for safe installation.

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