Elevator Doors Hazard Sign
  • Elevator Doors Hazard Sign

Elevator Doors Hazard Sign

Ideal to convey messages in professional or personal spaces

  • This Do Not Hold Elevator Doors Open Sign makes your Elevator / Escalator message clear to employees, visitors - and inspectors.
  • Mounting holes in each corner available
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor

Across Australia, millions of people ride elevators and escalators every day, most without thinking about their safety. But for business owners, a proactive approach to safety education is one good way to reduce exposure. Use elevator door hazard signs that give fire safety directions and remind riders and maintenance employees of proper procedures. They are critical for any business with an elevator or escalator.

BannerBuzz offers a wide variety of elevator and escalator safety signs, including elevator pit warnings, equipment cautions, freight, out-of-order, directional and fire safety signs

Contact BannerBuzz and order door warning signs for elevators as per your requirement.

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