Electrical Room Sign


Make Your Workplace Safe With Durable Electrical Room Sign

Every building has a specific room that houses all of the electrical equipment. Electricity exposure can be dangerous, especially for unauthorised personnel. Therefore, we highly recommend displaying electrical room signs on the door to prevent people from accessing these potentially hazardous rooms. With BannerBuzz electrical room signs, you can effectively tell others at your facility about the prohibited items behind the door.

Our room signs are highly durable and are printed in bright colours to make them visible to everyone. They are crafted with a 1.2 mm thick aluminium sheet for high durability. Our board has a mounting hole with a diameter of 5 to 7mm approximately for easy sticking.

Our board is available in 7 different sizes. Choose the most suitable size that fits your requirement. Plus, we have an option for sign customisation - you can choose to change the design, colour, etc., as per your peculiarities. We don't charge extra for any customisation.

Our electrical hazard signs come in an affordable range. You choose any of the designs from our wide range of collections. Our boards are made with premium quality to ensure they do not wear or tear in extreme weather conditions. You can easily place our electrical room sign board both outdoor or indoor.

Full Colour 600DPI, UV Printing For High Visibility

Our room signs are specially designed to ensure maximum visibility. We use high-quality full colour 600 DPI, UV printing which is safe and eco-friendly. One can easily see the signboard from afar, and therefore, your message will not be missed by anyone. Posting these signs will assist you in staying in compliance with the electrical code.

Our room signs are printed with 'Electrical Room' and a 'Sign' that everyone can easily read and understand. The signboard is printed in bright yellow, which automatically gets quick attention.

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