Desktop Sneeze Guard

Desktop Sneeze Guard


Assured protection from viruses for every desktop:

  • Sneeze Guards are made from 5550 GSM weighed clear cast acrylic
  • Three panels protect from the surrounded infections
  • Rounded corners are safe to touch
  • The glossy finish and see-through feature are eye-catching

Practice Social Distancing at Work with Desktop Sneeze Guard

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have come across pools of advisories and precautionary measures to keep ourselves and everyone around safe. Efforts and laws enforced by the law or medical health department are commendable in the battle against COVID-19. But that’s not all. Citizens, commercial business owners, and corporate organizations are equally responsible for adhering to the safety norms while operating their business tasks. Equipping workspaces with adequate precautionary measures and tools would aid in transforming the premises into a secure and safer one for visitors, customers, and employees. One of them that needs a must mention is the desktop sneeze guards. They are portable and good enough to protect the employee from infected air particles.

Quality Material with Captivating Glossy Finish for Long-term Usage

Clear cast acrylic panels of desktop sneeze guards offer clear visibility to the individual at the respective sitting space and thus prevents them from being infected from airborne germs, viral or bacterial infections. Install sneeze guards for desktops or countertop sneeze guards at various commercial spaces to assure customers and the staff about their safety against germs. Sturdy plexiglass sneeze guard safeguards the individuals communicating from the opposite sides of the barrier by blocking the air droplets released while talking, coughing, sneezing, or other ways.

Sneeze guards for office desks are available in three different sizing options so that they could complement the space requirements at your corporate office. Also, set up these glass barriers at the singe-seated counters or workspaces at hospitals, pharmacies, banks, reception desk of the hotel, motel, and many more. The glossy finish and transparent view add a lot of charm, sophistication, and germ-prevention feature altogether.  

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