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Designated Smoking Area Sign
  • Designated Smoking Area Sign

Designated Smoking Area Sign


Easy-to-read with mounting holes in each corner available

  • This DESIGNATED SMOKING AREA Sign makes your message clear to employees, visitors and inspectors.
  • Mounting holes in each corner available
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor

Office and workplace signs from BannerBuzz are a professional way to identify spaces around your facility. With over hundreds of office signs to choose from, BannerBuzz is your source for professional signs. Office signage isn't just to make your facility visually appealing, it helps organize and identify spaces. With Designated Smoking Area signs and other marked spaces, workers and visitors can easily find their way around.

Choose from directories and room number signs that direct visitors where to go, nameplates that identify desks and offices. Call us about our Designated Smoking Area signs or place an order online today!

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