Printed Gloss Paper Bags

Printed Gloss Paper Bags


Print Gloss Laminated Paper Bags with your Brand Name or Logo

  • Made from 170 GSM/ 300 GSM art paper.
  • It features nylon handles.
  • Get high-quality prints with full-colour digital printing.
  • It comes with gloss lamination.
  • Available in various colours and sizes.

Impress Your Customers with Eco-Chic Gloss Paper Bags

Seeking a packaging solution that resonates with the contemporary and eco-aware preferences of consumers? Your search ends here. We introduce its luxury gloss paper bags for retail and branding, ideal for the discerning shopper. Constructed from superior art paper, these bespoke custom printed high-gloss paper bags not only amplify your brand's presence but also reflect your dedication to excellence.

Art paper, celebrated for its tangible texture and unmatched print clarity, remains the top pick for bags down under. It guarantees exceptional print quality and colour reproduction, ensuring your brand's emblem or design shines without any imperfections.

Step up your packaging game with a touch of elegance with our designer paper bags, seamlessly aligning with growing demand for sustainable products. Advocating for environmental mindfulness, these eco-friendly printed glossy paper bags, fitted with handles, go beyond simple packaging; they echo a brand's dedication to ethical business practices. Precisely crafted, our bags are made from 170 GSM or 300 GSM art paper, accentuating the bag's silkiness, vibrancy, and natural sheen.

BannerBuzz boasts a diverse range of these glossy paper bags with handles, available in a palette of colour hues. The bag's exterior parades the selected shade, whilst the inside presents a crisp white. Each bag comes with a robust nylon handle, carefully selected to mesh with the overall aesthetic and to ensure effortless handling.

Where durability meets style, our recyclable printed gloss paper shopping bags stand out. Their sturdy structure ensures long-lasting use, while the glossy overlay heightens brand allure. This lamination, graced with an ultra-sleek finish, imparts a refined appearance to the bag. Moreover, its smooth exterior adeptly repels stains and potential liquid mishaps, extending the bag's longevity.

Solution for Customisable Packaging to Defining Your Brand Identity

For brands aspiring to solidify their visual footprint in the market, we have the perfect solution. Our glossy paper bags with handles can be flawlessly customised with your distinct brand logo, name, or any text you fancy. Whether you submit a unique design or opt to use our online design tool, the final product will be a bag that genuinely embodies your brand spirit.

We takes immense pride in utilising a full-colour, digital printing technique to infuse vibrancy into custom printed high-gloss paper bags adorned with your brand's touch. This printing approach assures unmatched colour accuracy, long-lasting print resilience, and pristine clarity. Rest easy, brushing aside any worries about wear or fading. Additionally, the unparalleled print quality ensures your brand logo stays prominent, seamlessly grabbing the attention of prospective customers.

Discover Our Collection of Sizes for Every Occasion

Savour the appeal of custom printed high-gloss paper bags moulded to your brand's distinct specifications. Be it the opulent charm of luxury gloss paper bags for retail or the utility of glossy paper bags with handles, our selection has something for every packaging desire. Our designer bags come in an assortment of sizes, promising an ideal match for any product. Sizes encompass 3’’ x 2’’ x 4’’, 8” x 4’’ x 10’’, 10’’ x 5’’ x 13’’, 16’’ x 6’’ x 12’’, 5.5’’ x 4’’ x 14’’, 5’’ x 3’’ x 8.5’’, and 12.5’’ x 4’’ x 9’’. Simply select the dimensions best fitting your product spectrum, from small gloss paper bags for jewellery to more spacious versions suitable for clothing or gifts.