Black Gazebo Marquee

Black Gazebo Marquee

  • Durable, resilient-quality 10 x 10 pop-up gazebo marquee.
  • Tent frame features telescopic legs that offer 3 adjustable heights.
  • Premium, weather-resistant heavy-duty canopy tent in black color.
  • Lightweight and portable gazebo takes minutes to set up.

Multipurpose, Highly-Durable, and Portable Black Gazebo Marquee Tent

An Indoor and outdoor pop-up canopy/gazebo tent is an excellent way to create a designated booth space at an event. What is even more alluring is its capacity to accommodate multiple people at once. Though custom tents comparatively garner more attention at trade fairs, our solid black gazebo marquee is an instant and affordable solution for commercial and personal use.

BannerBuzz 10' x 10' outdoor pop-up gazebo marquee tent in the black color is ideal for outdoor use as it is designed to withstand inclement weather. The pop-up tent frame is built out of aluminum, making it highly durable, sturdy, rust & weather-resistant.

The frame features 3 adjustable layers of height. To set the gazebo marquee frame at the desired height, snap the telescopic legs into place. Our sturdy frame construction ensures that you will have an uninterrupted tenting experience every time year after year.

You can think of our gazebo tent as a one-in-all solution to sell, promote, store, or more. Another notable feature of our gazebo marquee is that it’s quite lightweight. Low weight adds to the portability, making it easy to transport from one event location to the other without any hassle. The frame is structurally solid regardless of being lightweight.

Add Weather-Resistant Black Tent Topper

If you want the complete package with the tent frame and the black tent topper, please set the Add Topper option to yes. As soon as you select the option, a high-quality, weather-resistant tent topper in black color will be automatically added to your cart. The optional feature of ordering the gazebo marquee tent frame with or without the topper enables you to meet your specific needs and budget constraints.

Our black canopy topper is made out of a premium quality tent fabric. The topper features velcro on the inside edge of the valance. To install, attach the velcro with the back wall of the tent topper. The topper fabric is treated with a protective layer that safeguards the tent from different ambient temperatures. Please note that the topper does not include any graphic print.

Order in Bulk to Save Extra

Our bulk-buy feature adds a point of difference in terms of pricing. When you order multiple black gazebo marquee tents at once, the per-unit price value is progressively reduced. It allows you to save extra on your total order value. To understand our bulk discount and price ratios, please refer to the bulk discount quantity chart above. That’s not all! You can save even more by paying zero shipping on your order over $99. Our free shipping over $99 is applicable on all our signs, banners, and displays sitewide.