Bar Signs

Bar Signs


Quality metal signs that will make your pub or home bar look fervent.

  • Made of 1.2 mm thick & durable aluminium sheet
  • Upload artwork or use the online design tool
  • Get professional design assistance at a minimal cost of $9.99
  • Both Reflective/non-reflective materials available
  • Multiple mounting options available

Custom Bar Signs- Quality, Affordability, and Durability That Will Leave You Stoked

By Mid-2019, Australia already possessed over 6000 pubs and bars across the country, which speaks highly of Aussies’ love for eating out. It also means that if you own a local pub or bar in the country, you have to keep adopting new strategies to stay ahead of your competition. From outdoor advertising to great bar decor- printed signage can help you snazz-up your bar. Bar signs are perfect if you are looking to add attention grabbing decorative or informational signs inside your restaurant pub or bar. Create and order high-quality, full-color, 600DPI, UV printed signs on 1.2 mm thick Aluminium

Sheets right here at BannerBuzz at the most competitive prices in minutes. Have a go, mate!

Your Bar Sign, Your Unique Design

The setting, colors, theme, and design of your pub set you apart from your competitors. So, we reckon your bar sign also needs a unique design that enhances its charm. And nobody knows your business better than you- hence, we leave it to you to design your restaurant sign just the way you want. Customize your rigid sign with text, funny drinking quotes, graphics, colors, hanging options that match your set-up, and add a personality to its theme. Feel free to use our online design tool to design your personalized bar sign from scratch or use the upload artwork button to upload your print-ready sign graphics. Not sure about it? Hire one of our expert designers at a minimal additional cost of $9.99 and we’ll make sure to bring your design aspiration to life.

Reflective Bar Signs- Greater Attention, Guaranteed!

Reflective bar signs will not just make your bar counters look fervent, but will guarantee increased attention too. As our reflective signs are made using a reflective vinyl film printed and pasted on aluminium sheet, they reflect any nearby light source, hence adding a glint to it. The added sheen will ensure that your sign does not go unnoticed. So, if you want to go all out there with a high attention grabbing sign, go for the reflective sign material option above.

From multiple size dimensions to custom sizing, bulk discounts, multiple mounting options, to the free design tool- we’ve got your back with loads of features. Wait no more and order your custom bar sign at a very competitive price. Get free shipping over $99 and save up to 30% on ordering any signs and decals at BannerBuzz at this point as we are currently running up to 30% off on everything (valid till the offer lasts).