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We are Open / Closed Window Decals

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We are Closed due to Covid-19 Window Decals
300mm x 460mm Starts at $8.78
( 4.39/5 )
We are Temporary Closed Window Decals
300mm x 460mm Starts at $8.78
( 4.39/5 )
We are Still Open Window Decals
300mm x 460mm Starts at $8.78
( 4.39/5 )
Covid-19 Temporary Closure Window Decals
300mm x 460mm Starts at $8.78
( 4.39/5 )
Dine In Closed Window Decals
300mm x 460mm Starts at $8.78
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Communicate your Open/Closed Business Status in an inexpensive yet effective way

Running your store, restaurant, or business during the Coronavirus outbreak? Have you chosen to temporarily close it down? Are you offering curbside pickup or take-out service for your restaurant? Or are you looking for ways to bring traffic to your online business to sell during the pandemic?  Whatever your reason, we-are-open-closed window decals can help you communicate your message to your customers. Inform your customers about your current open, closed, or service status in an inexpensive way. Reach out to a bigger audience at once without having to interact with them in-person by pasting these window signs that have relevant messaging and attractive designs.  Besides being highly affordable, they are very durable, ready-to-use, and in-stock.

Boost your sales and build customer loyalty with clear communication

These open-closed business decals for windows will not just promote your business, it will also portray you as responsible and proactive. Hence, building trust in your brand and your services. Communicating during tough times is more essential than ever. This is a way to tell your customers that you care and you are looking for ways to reach out to them. Bringing attention to your restaurant, retail store, or online business will boost your brand and result in increased sales. For those who are open, it’s even better to make use of other safety signs like countertop sneeze guards, social distancing signages, or any other COVID-19 signages that might help protect your employees and customers from this global health scare. Communicating and showing care for your customers will definitely benefit you in the long term.

5 Pre-printed window decals with relevant messaging and eye-catchy designs

To suit your individual business advertising needs, take a quick look at these 5 different Vinyl window stickers to suit your needs:

Covid-19 Temporary Closure Window Decals: This sign is appropriate for those restaurants, retailers, and businesses who want to inform about their closed status due to the pandemic. This flash-cut decal is perfect for outside window applications and comes with a pre-adhesive back for easy installation. 

We are Temporarily Closed Window Decals: Communicating your temporary closure is just another way of informing that you will be back to business and have chosen to close your business only for a temporary period.

We are Still Open Decals: This vinyl decal is a quick way to communicate two important messages. While promoting your open business, also encourage your customers to check out your menu and order at the drive-thru. 

Covid-19 Temporary Closure Window Sign: Inform your temporary closure and prompt customers to visit your website through this relevant and ready-to-use window sticker. 

Dine-In Closed vinyl decal: Works perfect for all the restaurants and food chains that wish to inform their customers about their closed dine-in service. Not just that. Promote your curbside-pickup via the same opaque decal by installing it in your restaurant windows/door.

Features of BannerBuzz open-closed decals for windows

Apart from a choice of 5 different signs with relevant messaging and designs, there are a few features that you can benefit from:

  1. Constructed of White Vinyl (Opaque) material (in flash-cut finishing)
  2. 6-months of printed surface shelf life guaranteed
  3. Pre-adhesive back for quick and effortless window application 
  4. Choice of  UV printing and Lamination for additional durability
  5. Ready-to-use advertising solution
  6. In-stock & bulk buy discount

Printed signages have become a necessity for every business during the Coronavirus outbreak, and will continue to be of great importance beyond this phase. So, now’s the time to get equipped with the kind of sign that suits your needs. 

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