Reserved Parking For Curbside Customers Metal Frames


Durable Reserved Curbside Customers Metal A Frames

Displaying metal A frames around your curbside service is the safer way to retail and inform your visitors post COVID pandemic. You can display these frames in the parking space/entryway of the parking lot/pickup area for quick visibility. They guide your visitors and clearly communicate about your reserved space. We offer durable metal frames made in high-quality print and materials, just for this purpose.

Our metal frames are created with black-powder coated aluminium. These sturdy metal frames can be placed outdoors and are engineered to withstand all kinds of weather changes including heavy rains and strong sun rays. Their size is such that visitors can view these signs even from a distance.

The custom metal frames have two-panel slots that are 1.9 ft wide & 3.3 ft tall. When placed on the ground, they open up to 63 cm in width. Each panel has 10 mm thick graphic slots to fit our pre-designed graphic.

Our pre-designed graphic is printed on 890 GSM corflute material using 600 DPI UV-resistant technology. This printing technique and material ensures visual vibrancy of signs accompanied by a long-lasting life of the graphic.

Easy-to-Carry Custom Metal Sign Holders with Pre-designed Graphics

Our metal frames come with a pre-printed graphic that says ‘Reserved For Our Curbside Customers' to inform visitors about the reserved area. This pre-printed graphic can be printed on either one or two panels. Depending on your custom needs, you can choose the option most suitable for you.

We also provide a handle at the top of the frame that allows you to move and place the frame quickly and easily without any hassle.

Get Special Bulk Discount on Metal A Frames

We offer bulk discounts on the purchase of these metal frames in quantities of 2 and above. Check our overview table to see the special discounts offered for your purchase and buy ‘Reserved For Our Curbside Customers’ metal frames now!