Please Maintain Distance Window Decals


Durable, High-Quality, and Customisable Social Distancing Window Decals

Businesses need efficient ways to express the call for social distancing to maintain a secure work environment. Our safe distancing decals aid in the prevention of infectious disease spread by encouraging consumers to follow social distancing norms at your store.

We use a 100-micron thick white monomeric vinyl film and a 250-micron thick white vinyl material to provide abrasion resistance and ensure the social distancing window decals can withstand the elements. As a result, the decals will last for a long time.

Our 6-feet-apart decals, printed at 720 DPI quality, result in crisp visuals that your customers can see from a distance. Full-colour printing with a broad spectrum of hues produces vibrant prints that are easy to notice, ensuring that your message gets across effectively.

BannerBuzz offers customisation choices so that you can personalize your order to your needs. Choose from multiple standard sizes, or have a custom size that fits your requirements. Include any special instructions to ensure that these social distancing decals meet your demands. Laminating and UV printing is available to extend the print life of your decals.

Easy to Install and Eco-Friendly Safe Distancing Decals

To give your 6-feet-apart decals a firm fit, use the squeegee tool to remove air bubbles or uneven surfaces that arise during installation. The tool is simple to use and has pressure control, allowing you to easily apply the decals.

We print the social distancing decals with non-toxic, biodegradable inks using eco-solvent printing technology. The product is safe for the environment and allows your firm to meet its social responsibilities.

Social Distancing Window Decals are Ready to Use

A pre-designed statement on the safe distancing decals encourages people to follow social distance standards to contain the spread of diseases. You'll save the time and effort you'd spend on the design process, and you can use the decals right away.

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