Please Maintain Distance Business Flyers (Non Folded)

Please Maintain Distance Business Flyers (Non Folded)


Plain Face Masks Help Prevent Airborne Illnesses

  • Durable paper material ensures long-lasting service.
  • High-quality design and printing attract your target audience.
  • Customisation caters to your budget and unique business needs.
  • Ready-to-use business flyers facilitate effective communication.

High-Quality Social Distancing Flyers are Durable and Customisable

As a business owner or manager of a facility, promoting a healthy lifestyle among your staff and visitors is essential to ensure compliance with public health and safety regulations. Social distancing flyers are great for creating awareness and sharing prevention measures for most airborne diseases. You may take advantage of these flyers to advertise your efforts and influence positive impressions for your business.

Use Social Distancing Flyers to Reinforce Public Health Regulations and Safety

Social distancing flyers incorporate premium-quality materials such as paper gloss, paper matte, cardstock matte, and uncoated, thick paper for strength and durability. Our brochures are well-suited to serve your facility for a long time, as they are flexible and resist wear.

These business flyers feature top-quality preprinted text and graphics that are easily visible from a distance. Their full-colour printing offers sharp graphics and a wide array of colours that give the flyers a premium-quality finish. Capture your target audience's attention and communicate effectively using these flyers.

Options are available to customise flyer dimensions, pack sizes, and paper types as per your budget and unique preference. Choose between single and double-sided printing, and send in specific instructions for our designers to adapt specially printed flyers for your store.

Business Flyers are Ready-to-Use and Recyclable

These ready-to-use paper flyers are easy to distribute the moment you receive them. The unfolded design makes it easy to pop open a box and start handing them out on day one.

The paper materials for the social distancing flyers come from sustainable sources and are recyclable to help maintain a reduced global carbon footprint. Using eco-friendly products helps build a sustainable brand and shows social responsibility towards the environment and the local community.

Printed Flyers are Easy to Order

We provide convenient delivery choices to make ordering printed flyers as easy as possible, based on your budget and urgency. These easy procurement and delivery options help save time, allowing your organisation to get the most out of its investment.

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