Notice Employees Must Wash Hands Business Flyers (Non Folded)


Custom Business Flyers are High Quality, Customisable, and Easily Writable

If constantly exposed to airborne bacteria, businesses often face shortages of staff due to sickness. To encourage employees to stay hygienically clean at all times, order a pack of printed flyers to remind staff to wash their hands before returning to work after breaks. With this method, you are sure to maintain a sanitary workplace with workers taking minimal sick leave.

Our handwashing flyers are printed with high-quality ink, using a high contrast of white and dark purple. The colours make it easy to get employees' attention. The graphics consist of a header and footer with eight eye-catching panels in between that instruct employees clearly on how to wash hands.

The printed flyers are highly customisable. Choose from six sizes that range from leaflet size to poster size. Next, select from uncoated, card stock, glossy, or matte paper material depending on your preferred style or function. Then, opt for one of seven different quantity packs. You can decide if to display the graphic on both sides of each flyer. This level of customisation helps you to buy depending upon your requirements.

Our wash your hands flyers are writable, depending on the material you select. Choose uncoated or card stock paper to easily write additional messages with your writing instrument of choice. If you prefer to keep your flyers free from markings by most pens and markers, glossy paper is your top choice.

Eco-Friendly, Ready to Use Handwashing Flyers

The business flyers are made of 10% recycled paper and processed from sustainable sources, so creating them results in less carbon emissions and fewer toxins affecting the environment. The handbills enhance your eco-friendly approach to business practices.

Each printed flyer is ready to use once received. This saves effort and resources that otherwise would go towards printing your own flyers with your own printer and paper. Issue the flyers as you see fit, whether mailing to employees or posting on doors and bulletin boards.

Custom Business Flyers Have Bulk Order Discounts

Flyers from BannerBuzz are suitable for most kinds of businesses. Depending on the pack quantity you choose for your wash your hands flyers, you can save money per flyer by ordering a large-volume pack. During checkout, save further money by choosing standard shipping. Priority shipping will deliver your flyers to you faster.

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