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  • Window Stickers Signs 130 x 100 mm @ $2.92 only

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  • Window Static Clings Signs 130 x 100 mm @ $2.92 only

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  • Perforated Window Signs 150 x 150 mm @ $5.13 only

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  • Frosted Window Decals 130 x 100 mm @ $2.92 only

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No Need to Cling to Customers when our Perforated Window Clings can Rivet them

Perforated window signs are ideal for advertising outdoors for a number of reasons. Also known as one way vision signs, they let sunlight pass through without reflecting it back into your eyes. Stores that have these on their window displays attract way more window shoppers who have higher chances of turning into buying customers. That's because they are also popularly used to display new products, sales and discounts. Who wouldn't want to go to a store that says all that?

At Bannerbuzz we make only high quality signs that are known for their durability and ease of application. You can use them at an event as temporary signage or place them on your rear car window for cheap, on the go advertising. They will cling to the surface they are stuck on without peeling off regardless of weather or turbulence.

Wide Inventory of Vinyl Signage at Bannerbuzz

We offer the following types at Bannerbuzz which can be used in a variety of ways:

Adhesive Vinyl – Typically used on office and car doors, these come with their own adhesive and allow people a clear view outside. The material is quite intricate and is filled with tiny little gaps which makes it easy to apply. It can be easily installed without getting wrinkly. Just smooth yours out with your hand once you place it and it will not come off until you take it off yourself.

Static Window Clings – We have two types of these at Bannerbuzz: static clear window clings and opaque ones. These can hold onto their shine for years to come and can thus act as investments that will keep on generating interest in your business. Complete with high res graphics, these do not come with glue so they can be placed anywhere and moved about as much as you need without leaving any residue on the surface they are on.

All of our clings:

  • Are printed on strong and clear material perfect for the indoors and outdoors.
  • They are white in design, but will come out clear or black (according to your requirements) when they are pasted on.
  • Can be easily taken down.
  • Printed using state of the art technology and with quality graphics.
  • Can be delivered in parts if they are more than 4 feet in height and width. You can install them easily or take a look at the step by step guide on YouTube.

We also offer a variety of clear window decals and frosted window decals that you can stick on your fleet of trucks or store front. In other words, rather than pay hundreds for expensive advertising, you can just buy the affordable variety we have at Bannerbuzz and get the word out within budget. Besides competitive pricing, we also offer amazing discounts on a regular basis so you can get our signage even cheaper if you grab them.

Don't wait. Email us or fill out the form on the website for window signs and decals that can create a buzz for your business cheap.