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Inform Your Customers if You’re Open/Closed for Business

If you are running your business despite the Coronavirus outbreak, communicate it to your customers. If you have chosen to take a temporary break from your business operations, let them know about it. Whatever the current status of your business, your customers deserve to know about it. Keeping them wondering is not the best thing to do. Communication is the key. And these pre-printed we-are-open-closed signacades are a convenient and quick solution to help you communicate these crucial messages. Plus, they are highly affordable and ready-to-ship too.

We-are-open-closed-signicade: Communicate ‘now’ for a better ‘beyond’!

Promote your establishment if it’s open to serve the essential needs of the customers. Bring attention to your store and increase your footfall. And why just that. Gain the trust of your customers by installing social distancing signages along with your open for business signicade. Similarly, advertise your contact details via a custom poster or window decal along with your closed for business signicade. Let your customers know that you are accessible even when you are not offering your services. Invest in relevant signages today for a better customer relationship tomorrow. 

5 different yet relevant messaging & designs

We have printed and designed 5 different white signicades for you to suit your needs. Here’s a quick look at these:

We’re closed due to COVID-19: This A-frame signicade is appropriate for businesses that wish to promote their closed status. The frame can hold two signs. The frame also features a molded-in handle for easy portability. The graphic panels are constructed of a 4mm Coro-Plast sheet. This durable sign is printed using bold colors and clear graphics to make the message noticeable easily. 

We are Temporary Closed Signicade White: Order this sign to inform your customers that your business is closed for a temporary period. Just place it by your glass door, window, or sidewalk and let it talk on your behalf.

We are Still Open Signicade White: This particular sign helps you promote a lot more than just your open status. Designed especially for food businesses, this signicade advertises three messages at once. Communicate your open status while calling the customer to explore the menu and also informing that the orders will be taken at the drive-thru. That’s not all. It also informs that the seated dining will stay closed until further notice. This single signicade does the job of three different signs in one. 

Covid-19 Temporary Closure Signicade White: Inform about the temporary closure of your physical store while promoting your operational online services with this signicade. Encourage the customers to visit your website as well.

Dine-In Closed Signicade: Bring attention to your curbside and take-out services whilst communicating that your dine-in service is currently closed. The catchy design and relevant messaging will not go unnoticed and get the job done for you.

Regardless of which Open/Closed for Business A-frame sign you to choose to order, the below features will come handy:

  1. Constructed of durable 4mm Coro-Plast sheet
  2. Up to 5 Years of outdoor guarantee
  3. No assembly required
  4. Choice of 1 or 2-printed panels
  5. Easy panel changeover
  6. Includes a molded-in handle for easy portability

Act now and choose your preferred sign now. Place your quick order by selecting the quantity, frame, and/or fabric. Get ready to communicate with your customers as soon as you receive your order.

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