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We are Open / Closed Signicade Black

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We Are Closed Signicades Black for Effective Store Announcements

Signicades meet your requirements effectively if you are searching for one of the durable display options for the outdoors. Being made out of sturdy materials – black molded plastic, 4mm coroplast for the graphics, and full-color digital UV prints are all set to provide you with as turdy signicade to be displayed at the storefronts for informing your visitors about the temporarily closed operations due to the COVID-19. This comes forward as one of the feasible and quickest ways to keep your visitors and customers updated about the closed operations or amended working timings so that they do not have to come again in the coming days. Analyzing the present COVID-19 dreadful situation, it is highly recommended to take necessary precautions against the pandemic attack. And thus, the need arises by every store and office to display pre-printed signicades to timely inform the visitor about the closed operations for the time being as a measure towards the COVID-19 precaution and safety

High-quality yet cost-effective Pre-printed Graphics for Signicades

The black signicade is available with the pre-designed graphics that says – We Are Closed Due to COVID-19 – Thank you for your support. This further aids in your selection and purchasing process as pre-designed graphics don’t require any customization and can be directly ordered by moving to the checkout window. Best quality printing techniques, UV prints have been utilized in the printing of the graphics to come up with long-lasting and durable stay and thus leaving no doubt on color fading aspect. Also, we are open/closed signicades are available in one or two printed panels that make your task simpler. You can select the two printed panels at just a nominal cost so that the maximum amount of viewership can be gained from both sides. The black molded plastic makes the hardware utmost strong to bear climatic disturbances like harsh sunlight, heavy rains, and even stay protected throughout from harmful effects of UV rays.

Be it a restaurant, coffee shop, clothing store, office, barber business, salon service, or any other business you are heading, make sure to display pre-designed COVID-19 signicades if you are closing the operations for some time. This way your customers and visitors would be assisted and informed before time so that they don’t have to visit you again until the situation gets improved or you get back to work. So, let us know how could we serve you for any of your requirements as we are providing vital COVID-19 signs, display banners, flags along with these durable-quality signicades for temporarily closed operations, we are still working, and many more messages.