Social Distancing Saves Lives Outdoor Floor Mats

Social Distancing Saves Lives Outdoor Floor Mats

  • Durable quality pile and back material.
  • Standard size 3 ft tall x 2 ft wide available.
  • High-quality UV-resistant print in 1440 DPI.
  • Pre-printed ‘social distancing’ text and graphics.

Resilient ‘Social Distancing Saves Lives’ Outdoor Floor Mats

Display 24x7 precautions and awareness of COVID-19 by covering up the various outdoor passages of your offices, stores, banks, hospitals, homes, and other spaces using our mats. We design high-quality mats that say ‘Social Distancing Saves Lives’ to effectively promote the interest of public health. Show your corporate social responsibility efforts and save the lives of all people walking-in to your facility.

Our custom made floor mats are engineered to withstand high footfall, weight, pressure, abrasions, all weathers, and even UV rays. They are made using high strength polyester non-woven fabric and are reinforced with nitrile rubber at the back.

The fabric material makes these mats resilient and waterproof, while the back material prevents any slips. For added heaviness the mats are created 1.5-2mm thick.

They do not compress over time and cover a decent surface area to stand onto. We make our mats in a standard size of 3 ft length & 2 ft width.

High Clarity Full Colour Pre-Designed Floor Mats to Spread Awareness

Our floor mats come with a pre-printed graphic that encourages others to maintain social distancing. We print this high resolution graphics using a 1440 DPI dye-sublimation process. Our technique ensures that the design has easy visibility and legibility even from a distance.

It comes with a grey and white vibrant colour print along with an easy-to-read text.

Get Special Discounts on Bulk Orders of Custom Floor Mats

Our mats can be bought in any quantity you require for your outdoors. If you are looking to place an order in quantities more than two, you can get special discounts.