Practice Social Distancing Stop the Spread Outdoor Floor Mats

Practice Social Distancing Stop the Spread Outdoor Floor Mats


Help Prevent Illness with Practice Social Distancing Outdoor Floor Mats

  • Strong durable mats have a long shelf life.
  • A full-colour printing process results in high-quality, vibrant images that are easily visible.
  • Outdoor floor mats have pre-printed message and are ready to use, saving your time and energy.
  • Soft and lightweight materials make our mats easily portable and easy to relocate.
  • Bulk discounts are available on your orders.

Social Distancing Floor Mats are Durable, High-quality and Ready to Use

During an active outbreak of a contagious disease, you need to ask visitors to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of illness. Our social distancing mats communicate the need to engage social distancing and help prevent people from becoming sick. The mats are ideal for environments such as health care centres, offices, and retail stores among others.

Made of non-woven polyester and nitrile rubber backing material measuring 1.5-2 mm thick, our social distancing floor mats are reliable and do not tear easily. The product offers outstanding strength and durability so you can enjoy a long service life.

We print our outdoor floor mats with full-colour dye sublimation printing that have good lightfastness and sharp contrast to offer clear communication. A resolution of 1440 DPI results in images that are easily visible from a distance.

A pre-printed message on our social distancing floor mats saves you the time, effort and energy of creating a message or image of your own from scratch. Simply spend a few minutes on installation and the mats are ready to use.

Social Distancing Mats are Portable and Discounts are Available on Bulk Orders

Made of soft and lightweight materials, our outdoor floor mats are portable and easy to use. You can easily move or reposition the mats, increasing your return on investment, as you can continue using it even if you relocate your business.

Enjoy discounts on bulk orders of 2 or more outdoor rubber mats and help save money on your business expenses. With discounts available, on orders as large as 500, businesses of all sizes can reduce expenditures.

Social Distancing Floor Mats are Easy to Order

Multiple shipping options are available once you place an order for our social distancing mats based on your timeline and budget. Choose from doorstop delivery for more convenient receipt of your order.

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