Maintain a Safe Distance Business Flyers (Non folded)

Maintain a Safe Distance Business Flyers (Non folded)


Please-Maintain-Distance Business Flyers: Help Slow Down COVID-19’s Spread by Promoting Social Distancing

Business Flyers offer a very simple yet effective approach to spread crucial information that’s necessary for your business and customers. Please maintain distance business flyers are designed and pre-printed to help retail stores spread the message of social distancing. Placing these flyers in the shopping bags of customers or handing them over at the entrance of your store/shopping center is a great way to remind everyone to maintain a safe distance from others. These non-folded flyers have relevant messaging and design. They are affordable, simple, yet impactful. These pre-printed flyers are a great alternative to face to face interactions. The writable surface allows you to add hand-written notes, shopping incentives, special offers, upcoming sales, or any other additional information that you might be willing to pass on along with these flyers. 

Note: Ballpoint pens (oil-based ink) and permanent markers work best on these flyers. However, testing is recommended.

Place your order now and we promise to safely deliver it to your doorstep in the shortest possible time. Meanwhile, do not miss to check out other social distancing signages and COVID-19 signs that might be equally relevant to your business/workplace.