Caution Personal Protection Equipment Required Beyond this Point Garden Flags

Caution Personal Protection Equipment Required Beyond this Point Garden Flags


Garden flags are a cheap yet effective way to make others aware of a COVID-19 testing site from afar.

  • Made of 110 GSM Knitted Flag Fabric
  • Hardware included- robust Iron Pole
  • Choice of 1/2 -sided Sublimation printing
  • Bulk discount up to $1000 (applicable until offer lasts)

Caution PPE-Required Garden Flags- Keep others informed and safe

For every Coronavirus testing site, it becomes extremely crucial to inform others about the service that you are providing. Plus, it is even more important to communicate that anyone who needs to enter your premises would need personal protective equipment as a precautionary measure. These caution PPE-required garden flags will help you do just that at a very minimal price. The bold colors and clear messaging makes it noticeable and readable from afar. We’re offering these pre-printed testing site flags to help you get your hands on a quick and ready-to-use outdoor advertising tool in the times of this crisis. Once placed,  it will prompt others to not to proceed beyond that point without PPE.

These flags are made using 110 GSM Knitted Flag Fabric, which is durable and perfect for outdoor use. It comes with a sturdy iron pole. All you have to do is slide the fabric inside the pole and it’s ready to be installed in your garden, lawn, yard area.

Place your order now and we promise you a safe delivery in the quickest possible time. Placing a bulk buy order for this COVID-19 caution flag or any other custom signage can help you save up to $1000 extra. The discount will be applicable only till the offer lasts. Act now!