World Population Day – A Day to Raise Awareness on Population Explosion & Repercussions

World Population Day is observed on July 11th every year, and comes with the knocking results of the cumulative global population. The year 2020, is going to mark its 30th anniversary since the 11th of July, 1989 when the global population was 5 Billion. This week it is going to reach a graph of 7.7 billion, and according to the estimations projected by the UN, it will reach 11.2 billion by 2100. The rising shift in the Australian population can be experienced through various factors associated with modern trends. They could be:

  • Immigration Levels
  • Labor Force Requirements
  • Capital City Congestion
  • Rapid Growth of Urbanization 
  • Appropriate Habitat & Infrastructure

And many more reasons could be a part of the above-stated list. Though the permanent migrants have not been considered to be the largest contribution to NOM (Net Overseas Migration) in the latest years, long-term temporary visa entries are known to be. The process of overseas students and temporary skilled migrants have been known to impact the population growth of the country. Unlike the permanent Migration Program, temporary migrants are not subjected to planning levels or caps offered by the government. And therefore, the unexpected rise could be experienced with the coming of foremost concerns like scarcity of resources, difficulties in employment opportunities, and more.

Higher Population Growth Rate & The Cursed 2020

The global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the global economy and lives to a standstill. Before the Coronavirus outbreak, everyday struggles and the striving patterns to be better in all streams were different. But now amid the lockdown and with each passing day, it is required to be positive and calm with a moving-forward approach so that balance could be maintained mentally, emotionally, and physically. With the usual course of family members staying at home, the rise in domestic violence or other atrocities like mental and physical torture has come to the surface. Unprecedented results and events are coming up every other day with complete annoying situations for the people and especially women. Therefore, the law needs to be strengthened enough towards these matters and be responsive within the immediate timeframe. Continuous helplines for men, women, children, and the elderly must be provided so that they could reach out if anything happens accidentally. 

Spread Awareness Socially through Informative Display Banners, Interactive Advertising Banners

Other ways to keep poor and deprived informed and educated about the immediate steps are highly required. 

  • Guiding them on contraceptive methods
  • Hygienic conditions
  • Surgical sterilization
  • Birth control pills, and other health care methods need to be taught for safe and healthy lives. 
  • Immediate light needs to be shed on these stated elements along with the vulnerabilities of women and the girl child. 
  • Women safety & rape awareness 
  • Early marriages
  • Disturbed teenage
  • Excessive indulgence in drugs, alcohol, sexual activities, and many more areas require continuous awareness programs through illustrative banners, television & radio advertisements. 
  • The informative sessions on these concerns could be fruitful in making the youth knowledgeable towards an abstinent approach for unhealthy activities. 

The above-mentioned concerns can be illustratively explained in the remotest areas where the lack of education and the healthy living program can be witnessed. Customized vinyl banners, flag banners, and other precautionary display signs can be personalized for coming forward to combat the repercussions of this populous planet. 

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