Small Business Solutions: 5 Strategies That Will Enhance the Look of Your Storefront’s Window Spaces

Although the importance of excellent customer service and great products in enticing customers is immense, your visuals and branding are key elements that get both prospects and existing customers to take notice and walk into your store.

Window displays, rigid signs and table toppers of the storefront play a big role in this, which is why it is important to take necessary steps to make them as attention-grabbing as possible. Wondering how you can do this? Read on to know some of the tips to help you brighten the window space of your store and attract more customers.

Decorate Your Window Space With Illuminating Colours

One of the easiest ways to brighten your window space is to decorate it with illuminating colours. You can do this by taking a look around your store and thinking about the current colour scheme. Check if the walls are dark or luminous. You don’t necessarily need sharp colours to do this. You can use neutral shades of grey or white to transform your storefront with ease.

Apart from this, it is important to choose a trendy, fresh and inviting theme for your window display, as it serves as a first impression for visitors. Make sure to put your most interesting, popular and stylish clothing and accessories on display to get more people enticed to enter your store and browse for other items.

Make Use of Props to Show Off Your Products

Using the right props make a huge difference to the overall look of your window displays. Apart from enticing users, great props can also help you communicate your store’s image while displaying your products. Some of the props ideas you can use here include:

  • Bigger and more expensive items available at your store, laid out on table toppers to help you highlight and showcase your smaller items 
  • Using a big pile of bricks to show off small items or fine pieces of jewellery
  • Looking for second-hand items, such as old cases, boat supplies, and camera tripods, as these are excellent for stacking products and conveying the feeling of fun and holidaying

Also, updating your window displays allows you to continually keep users engaged while also promoting all the seasonally-appropriate products that you’d like to feature. 

Choose a Theme for Your Window

Before starting with your window display ideas, make sure to begin with a story based on a theme. This is simply because when you focus your products around a central theme, it can help attract visitors quickly.

Ensure that you change your windows as often as possible. This doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive and time-consuming. Although clients are attracted to surprises, to really entice customers, a clear, cohesive and identifiable theme is a must for success. The theme could be anything from event-based to seasonal themes.

Pick Quality Materials and Colour Combinations

The material (plastic, leather, wood, metal etc.) and colour combinations of the window display influence passers-by in several different ways. They help deliver a desired visually appealing experience or bring a touch of authenticity and convey value, quality and emotions.

A well-chosen material mix helps attract and convert passers-by and allows you to showcase what your store is actually selling. Also, for best results, make sure to place your display’s focal points at eye level. Whether your focal point is an accessory, outfit, signage or a unique structure, placing it at eye level increases the likelihood that the window display will capture attention and draw customers to your store.

Tell Your Brand’s Story 

Unique and visually appealing storefront window displays have a much better chance of standing out and remaining memorable in the long run. In case customers aren’t able to come in at the moment, you surely would want them to remember your store and come back another time.

One of the best ways to do this is to get creative with your window displays and think about how you can tell your brand’s story in a more engaging way. Apart from this, you would also want to consider the physical design of your retail store window display to ensure that it maintains a balanced and aesthetically interesting look.

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